There’s nothing cookie cutter about us. We don’t operate with prepared per-square-foot numbers or offer anything generic. Everything we craft is custom and generated from a place of pure passion. We create thoughtful designs that will stand the test of time.

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A phone interview will allow us to collect necessary information and answer any questions. We can have a detailed conversation about the project as you show us your property virtually via Google Earth. We’ll discuss the proposed space, ensure it is the best suited location, and gain a better understanding of the parameters of the property. Starting the process like this allows for a productive conversation that will also help determine budget expectations and discuss any required design fees.

Site Visit

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We’ll meet you on site and then analyze the property. We’ll assess the topography as well as any logistical concerns and take our required measurements. This is also a great time to get a little paint on the ground to map out a rough scale of the project. This helps us to collaborate with you and make adjustments in real time, while effectively communicating our vision and design intentions – plus it gets everybody excited.


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Once we’re all happy with the design, we typically throw our drone in the air to capture the landscape for our preliminary artwork. This offers a greater idea of the space and helps make the design process more efficient. From here we provide a pencil sketch with a proposal. And if you’d like see something a little closer to the end goal, we can offer you CAD drawings and 3D renderings.

Contract &

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A detailed scope of work and contract outline will be provided. After you sign off and the down payment is received, work is scheduled and materials are ordered. Once we begin, your project is our eat-sleep-and-breath mission and we will not leave your site until we are both happy with the result. We stand by a tidy and respectful work site – our conscious treatment of your property is an important element in providing great service.

Play Time

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Its time to test-drive your new golf facility! We’ll hit some shots and roll some putts. We’ll walk through your completed project to ensure you are totally satisfied. Your low-maintenance golf green will still require a bit of attention, so we’ll address what that looks like and show you what to expect. Lastly, we’ll send you our final invoicing and provide you with our warranty information. Then we’ll leave you to sink another putt.

Live The

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Master your short game. Invite the friends over for a tournament. Hit a few rounds before (and after) work. Start the season as soon as the snow melts. Enjoy your green. We also mention that it’s beneficial to schedule an annual or bi-annual maintenance for your putting surface. This will ensure the continued performance of your sand in-filled turf system and allow Music City Turf to proactively address any potential playability issues. site – our conscious treatment of your property is an important element in providing great service.

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